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Child Dentistry

Being proactive in your child’s oral health is very important. Tooth decay is among the leading chronic infectious diseases among children in the U.S. Sixty percent of children by age 5 are impacted by tooth decay. If children begin to visit the dentist by their third birthday, tooth decay and other dental problems can be prevented. During your child’s first visit, we will examine your child’s teeth and gums and clean their teeth. Typically, a fluoride procedure will also take place. Most importantly, we will review with the parents for how to properly care for your child’s teeth.

Cavity prevention is another large part of dentistry for children. By reviewing the proper brushing procedures with your child, cavities can be prevented. We also remind parents that cavities can also be caused by high-sugar foods and drinks. Choosing nutritious snacks for your child will also prevent cavities.

We highly suggest preparing your child for their first visit to the dentist, similar to the way you prepare them to get a haircut. If the child knows what to expect, the visit will likely go smoothly for both you and your child, and our staff.

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