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Sealants Dentist Pine Bluff Ar Dr Mike Clark DDS inspects a patients teeth

Sealants Dentist Pine Bluff Ar Dr Mike Clark DDS says cavities and tooth decay can be a huge problem for children. As kids grow and develop, so do their teeth. As the premolars and molars develop in kids, these teeth become prone to cavities and tooth decay. To prevent this, dental sealants can be placed on the teeth. Children and teenagers with growing and developing teeth are excellent candidates for sealants. Parents should be proactive in wanting this dental care for their children, as it is very important. Adults who have not had the proper dental work could also benefit from sealants. Cavities can affect you for your whole life, so getting dental sealants is a great option to fix this problem.

Sealants Dentist Pine Bluff Ar Dr Mike Clark stresses the importance of sealants in all of his patients.

Sealants are painted onto the chewing surfaces of teeth, preventing food and bacteria from getting into the crevices. These sealants bond and decompress into the teeth, so it feels no different than before. The sealants main job is to prohibit cavities and tooth decay from forming. They should be applied to newly erupted “back teeth” before cavities develop.Cavities are always a problem for children. Prevention of this problem is the key.
Nearly 70% of kids under age 19 have had at least one cavity. This decay can be prevented with the placement of dental sealants. Dr. Mike Clark’s patients in Southeast Arkansas are very happy with their placement of sealants which have prevented cavities and tooth decay in their mouths.
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