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Michael D. Clark is a trusted dental care provider in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas area. We have been serving the community for more than 23 years by providing comprehensive dental services for the whole family, including children. From tooth extractions, fillings and dentures to root canals and cosmetic dentistry procedures, our dentist can provide all the dental treatments you need.

Pine bluff dnetist

Dr Mike Clark, Pine Bluff dentist inspects a patients teeth

Call Dr. Michael D. Clark Pine Bluff Dentist at (870) 534-2151 to schedule an appointment.

Our friendly and caring approach to treatment makes for a pleasant experience for all of our customers. In addition, we offer emergency service, and new patients are always welcome at our clinic. When you’re in need of porcelain veneers, dentures or cosmetic dentistry services, our dentist and his staff are readily available to serve you. Call Dr. Michael D. Clark at (870) 534-2151 now.
Our dental office provides comprehensive services for the whole family. Our preventive care services promote wellness while preventing tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Our restorative care services restore your teeth’s health, and with our cosmetic services, you can enhance the overall appearance of your smile.

Preventive Care
•   Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
•    Deep Cleaning (Deep Scale and Root Planning)
•    Dental Sealants
•    Dental X-rays
•    Fluoride Treatment

Restorative Care
•    Amalgam (Silver) fillings
•    Bridges
•    Crowns
•    Composite Resin/Bonded Restorations (Tooth Colored fillings)
•    Dentures/Partial dentures

If you are a new patient, please complete the patient forms and bring them along with you on your first visit.


Robyn LaGrant 5 star
Dr. Clark and his staff are very caring. Excellent experience!
Getting my teeth did by a wonderful Dentist Dr. Clark!!