Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist in Pine Bluff, AR

Dr Michael Clark, DDS Wisdom Teeth Reomval Destist in Pine Bluff Ar.

Wisdom teeth removal is a typical procedure taken place in adolesence. Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that are typically misaligned and require removal. When misaligned, the wisdom teeth are angled away from the other teeth, which can bring pain or damage to the adjacent teeth, jawbone, or nerves in the moth. Because of the way wisdom teeth grow, they can sometimes be prone to infections from bacteria.


The removal of wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure. There are different types of extraction for wisdom teeth. The first is normal extraction, where the wisdom tooth is pulled out of the gums. If the wisdom tooth is underneath the gums or embedded in the jawbone, an incision must be made to extract the tooth.


It is important to express to your dentist if you think you are having issues with your wisdom teeth. You may ask about the actual positioning of your wisdom teeth to have a better understanding of how the teeth are developing. Your dentist may reccomend to have the teeth extracted before any problems arise.
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